Unicorn Inn Music Quiz

Unicorn Inn Music Quiz

Unicorn inn

The  unicorn inn in Margate Canterbury was the venue where Pig and porter, Owned by Sean Ayling and Robin Wright , launched with Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation launched a beer (Big K) dedicated to Kieron Drum. Kieron was their friend who passed away from epilepsy in a seizure when home alone, Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation is a cause close to his friends hearts, which is why they are supporting us here at Team Jo Epilepsy foundation, helping us reach closer and closer to our goals, and making a difference in his memory. 

1 year later the pub the unicorn inn have done a music quiz with Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation in memory of Kieron and coinciding with his 47th birthday. 

The quiz night was a huge success and raised a total of £417 on the night. Landlord Lorenzo Carnivale- Maffe commented that “it was a terrific evening. we managed to raise a goods amound for a small pub”. 

There were 16 teams including 2  of which were friends with Kieron from his old cricket team the exiles. Winners of the night was the smallest team of 2 who won a lovely bottle of bubbly to share. 

I’m really proud of the unicorn inn’s support of my charity and so glad that the night was not only a fun evening but help us at Team Jo. The total which they raised is amazing. Im pleased Im also able to help keep kierons memory alive through such events. Kieron and sadly many others are proof that Help with Epilepsy equipment, support and fundraising is needed. We really want to get to our goals of helping Epilepsy sufferers by buying much needed equipment for kent and canterbury hospital. Most people I meet never realise the severity of the condition. It is not just take a tablet a day and it will not happen, Its serious with many effect which sadly it can and does kill. Over 1000 people under the age of 35 die from epilepsy every year. 

We here at team Jo are proud to help his friends keep Kierons memory alive. We are also so thankful of the unicorns support of what they have done and achieved on this music quiz.