There are many myths about Epilepsy from being a witch to what out level of intelligence is. Here are a few of them that I can maybe break for you. 

Epilepsy is a curse from the gods:      MYTH

FACT: In 400BC Hippocrates recognised that this was untrue and that Epilepsy was intact a brain disorder. He wrote a book on it.

Epilepsy is contagious:         MYTH

FACT: No Epilepsy is not contagious. It can be caught no more than you can catch a broken leg or diabetes.

There is Just one type of seizure:      MYTH

FACT: Although a convulsion is the most common kind that people think of when they hear Epilepsy. There are in fact over 40 different types of seizure!

During a seizure you can swallow your tongue & should put something in their mouth to stop this:       MYTH

FACT: It is impossible for anyone to swallow their tongue. Try it – it just won’t work. Nothing should be put into the persons mouth during a seizure as you can break their teeth, hurt their jaw and they could choke.

Epilepsy affects Intelligence:     MYTH

FACT: People with Epilepsy have the same intelligence as anyone else. Epilepsy does not lower inteligence  in fact people such as Isac Newton, Vincent Van Gogh, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Agatha Christie had Epilepsy. Frequent seizures can make learning harder however its like everything – put the work in and you can achieve great things!

Only kids get Epilepsy:      MYTH

FACT: Epilepsy can happen to anyone at any age – It effects people aged over 65 almost as much as those under 10. However there is more research out there for children’s Epilepsy & therefore more knowledge. Part of my aim is to show that it happens to anyone and people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and more struggle with the condition just as much and need help and research too.

You can’t die of Epilepsy:    MYTH

FACT: As someone that has nearly died of Epilepsy many times I can tell you this is definitely not true.                                                                 Epilepsy is a serious condition. Every year 1000 people aged under 35 die from epilepsy. To give you a sense of scale look at these figures. 

* 900 Die from cancer, * 800 Die from road traffic accidents * 572 die from alcohol related problems, * 244 Die because of taking drugs and  137 die in fires.