Seizure Types

Very few experiences match the dramatic sight of watching someone have a convulsive seizure. They may make a noise, fall the the floor unconscious, twitch or move uncontrollable, drool and can even sometimes loose bladder control. Within minutes the attack is over. The person regains consciousness but is exhausted, dazed. They may hurt as muscles have been working on overdrive pulling and contorting their body and joints into unusual positions.  This is just a taster of what can happen but each person is an individual and so are seizures… each person will seize differently dependent upon what and where the activity is in the brain.

However this is the type of seizure people think of when Epilepsy is mentioned. Yet there are over 40 different types of seizure.

The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) have, with doctors compiled a list of names and types of seizures to help in getting the correct diagnosis and treatment.

With Epilepsy people may experience just one type of seizure or multiple types of seizures. The seizure types depend upon where the electrical disturbance is in the brain. Specialists categorize seizures into the following groups.


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