About Us
Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation is located in the South East of England.


We are a Charity providing help to those living with Epilepsy as well as their families, friends and carers.

We are leading the way to making a difference in the South East of England. Working closely with hospitals to bring better care closer to home.

We aim to educate children, young adults, workplaces and the community to reduce stigma and bullying. This is done in the community but also online via our social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, providing world wide coverage.

Together we are raising awareness about the condition, bringing the reality of what this condition does and can do to suffers lives. We do this by providing events throughout the year to fundraise but also have fun!

Money raised will go towards making making a difference to those with Epilepsy by buying much needed equipment, researching drugs, and providing information about Epilepsy.

Who Are Team Jo?


pic 2 Jo Mumford:

Birthday: November 24 

Favorite Colour: Purple

Random Fact: Jo is a Black Belt in  Karate. 

The Founder of Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation. Jo Has severe Epilepsy. Making a difference in the world of Epilepsy is what keeps her motivated. 

Jo lives in England with Her mum Sharon & cat Magick. She enjoys music & plays flute with the Kent Coastal Concert Band. Other hobbies include craft such as jewellery making, glass and ceramic painting.

Jo had been writing a diary of her experiences since the age of 11. This was turned into a private blog in 2000. In 2012 the blog was made public. Jo decided to set up this charity to make a difference in the world of Epilepsy – Starting first of all in the South East of England then expanding.In 2013 Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation was founded. 



IMG_0062  Sharon Mumford:

Birthday: September 3rd

Favorite Colour: Turquoise

Random Fact: Sharon has a tattoo.The tattoo is a purple ribbon with a heart which has “Jo” inside. 

 The mother of Jo she is what keeps Jo safe when she has seizures.

Sharon lives with Jo and looks after her 24/7. She is Jo’s sole carer. There is no other family who are able to take on the task of looking after Jo if she were to have a seizure.

 Sharon Loves Meerkats (as you can see by her photo), Gardening and jigsaws. She also has her own spinning wheel and enjoys spinning sheep fleece into wool ready to knit with. 

She is a active member of Team Jo, being with Jo wherever they go just in case Epilepsy should strike. 




IMG_1985 Rolf Habing: 

Birthday: November 15th

Favorite Colour: Blue

Random Fact: when in Holland Rolf Loves Cycling

Rolf is Dutch, He came to England many many years ago and Lives with his wife, son and cat Pebbles.

He is very good at computers and he was the main designer of this website. He knew all the geek stuff that is needed ! Rolf also plays in the Kent Coastal Concert Band and plays saxophone.

Rolf has supported Team Jo since 2014. He enjoys long walks and is a very good photographer.




IMG_0142  Winifred Prett :  

Birthday: January 25th

Favorite Colour: Blue

Random Fact: Win was in the ATS  she was a cook and a very good one too. 


Win is the Nan of Jo – She has supported Jo all her life.

She is 90 years old and enjoys Knitting and makes lots of items for Jo’s fundraising and sales.  

Win loves hearing about all the Team Jo Epilepsy and gets involved if and when she can. 




P1090151   Linda Voller: 

Birthday: April 11th

Favorite Colour: Black

Random Fact: Linda was on TV for breeding snails ! 

Linda has been a really good friend to Jo, they are more like sisters.

Linda lives in Lincolnshire with her fiancé Ralph, and her 2 grown up children and their jack Russell Poppy who is very spoilt.

She loves all things sparklie, craft and doing her nails ! She is also a very good cook.

She makes lots of jewellery and other items for any Team Jo Events.



IMGP7555   Claire Greenhead:

Birthday: December  17th

Favorite Colour: Pink

Random Fact: Claire won a competition on ‘Live and Kicking’


Claire is another of Jo’s really good friends, She also lives next door!

She lives with her Mum and dad and their 2 budgies, dog Jack, and cat Pettle.

Claire is a girlie girl and loves everything pink, fluffy, sparklie, lacey and cute. She is a very good at craft which includes Knitting and Crochet.

Claire is also very good at writing quiz’ questions. She is a active member of Team Jo.