Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation

I have done something I never thought possible. It became a dreams only a year ago and today here I am…  The founder of  “Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation”
The feeling is awesome. I wanted to make a difference, I want to leave my handprints and footprints on the world. 
So what is Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation? 
We are a local charity to kent in the south east of England. 
Our aim is to enhance the care and treatment of Epilepsy.
Educate and raise awareness, and teach through schools, clubs, work places and the community. 
We are aiming to buy a home EEG monitoring system so that patients can go about their daily business whole being monitored when a seizure occurs. This gives a more accurate reading and can allow faster diagnosis and in depth monitoring of where the seizures originate from in the brain. This can make a huge difference to patients and their treatment as many times multiple recordings are needed and this can happen better whilst at home. 
We are also aiming to have a book commissioned which is a rhyming book about epilepsy. It will explain the diagnosis and treatment and what Epilepsy is. This will enable us to go round schools and the community, even workplaces and enable people to learn about epilepsy and the rhyming aspect of the book will enable the learning to be remembered as it has been scientifically proven that rhyming knowledge is retained more than just facts alone. It is our feeling that this will mean that bullying will be reduced for children and young adults with epilepsy as much bullying stems from not understanding. It will also enable others to help if. Seizure is to occur In front of them during their life. 
It is an exciting Journey and here at team Jo headquarters we are all excited about where this journey will take us. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 
We are especially grateful to our sponsors: 
* Pig and Porter 
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* In Memory Of Ronald Prett
* Lloyds TSB Herne Bay