The Culsana Anti-Suffocation Pillow

Review of the Culsana Easy Breathe Pillow

 Culsana pillow


The difficulties with having epilepsy is that if the seizures are not controlled, they can happen anytime and anywhere. This includes in sleep for many individuals, which brings with it a whole new set of problems such as suffocation from pillows and bedding.

Culsana Have acknowledged this and have produced a anti-suffocation pillow which reduces the risk of this by far.

I heard about this pillow and was automatically very curious and interested in this product since I have had tonic-clonic seizures both during the day and at night, in my sleep. I am aware that this pillow cannot reduce the risk by 100%, but if it can increase my chances of survival by even the slightest, and give my mother one less thing to worry about, then it is more than welcome. I wanted to try it out to see the design in-person and to test its comfortability.

I was impressed after unpacking however still wary of it at first because it just looked like a normal pillow except for some bumps i could see through the covering which had some breathable holes in the fabric.

When I explored the pillow more these feelings disappeared as I realised the amount of effort the company had put in to make this pillow for people with Epilepsy. The filling of the pillow is breathable as well as the covering itself.The pillow is also anti-bacterial. The difference to a normal pillow were noticeable.

In my opinion I found sleeping with it very comfortable, bouncy pillow being higher than those i normally sleep with. However I adjusted well over a couple of nights.

I suspect that sleeping with this pillow may be difficult for a child or youth to adjust to because they probably are more likely to sleep with more flat pillows however you can remove some filling using the zip on the case (its a little difficult but can be done). You can then keep the filling and if required put it back in if/when you want to make the pillow higher again. 

I tested out this pillow for 2 weeks. In which time I had many seizures. My mum was present and said she felt more at ease when my head turned into the pillow (which happens when I have a seizure at night). She didn’t rush to try move my head away and let the pillow work its magic.

I also had the pillowcase sent to me which fitted the pillow perfectly. It is a special breathable case so i would not suggest you put a regular case on the pillow as I fear this may reduce the pillows effectiveness. It felt smooth against my face, and I did not experience scratching or pulling of my skin.

When the pillow arrived I tested putting my face into the pillow and breathing at a regular rate. I found this was possible and I can definitely not do that with my regular pillow.

The pillow was packaged in a sturdy box and in a strong plastic bag with plastic carrier handle which I found extremely useful as well as good for transit. I kept this as it is perfect for when I need to take the pillow to a friends for a sleep over or go into hospital. It came with a sheet of washing and care instructions.

If you are looking for something that will help prevent reduced airflow during a seizure I would strongly suggest you try out this pillow. The pillow is quite expensive (for a pillow), however How much can you price your life? I would pay the world if it meant I or a loved one with Epilepsy could have a little more added safety while sleeping.

The pillow was designed by drs. I.Y. Tan Kempenhaeghe in Heeze (Netherlands)  and manufactured by Culsana
If you would like to order this pillow for yourself or a loved one with epilepsy (which I strongly recommend) you can send a email with how many pillows and pillow cases you would like to  Culsana will then send a invoice.

They Im sure would also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The costs of the pillow are € 95,00 (£80.21) each and the pillow case is € 22,50 (£19.00)

The postage costs to the UK are € 14,65(£12.37)  (this is for the pillow without the pillow case)

and  € 21,15 (£17.86) between  € 26,65 (£22.50) between the weights of 5kg – 10kg. Culsana will invoice specifically the postage for the amount you order.


“Order this pillow and pillow case for peace of mind It is worth it, and very comfortable as well as safe”

Jo Mumford