Purple hearts for Valentines day

Did you know that St Valentine is the patron saint of Epilepsy?

Epilepsy has been recognized for at least 4000 years. The ancient Egyptians, Hindus, Aztecs and Incas, considered it an affliction linked to the gods. Though there was never a rationale behind why some were affected by it, the disorder was long perceived as supernatural, an evil demon bestowed by the gods as a punishment inhabiting the body of an unfortunate soul.

Exactly why St Valentine is so closely associated with epilepsy is not known for sure. By some accounts, St Valentine was said to have had the condition himself. Other theories propose that his association is the result of having freed people from seizures and curing epilepsy. Other contributors have pointed to the phonetic similarity between the German word for “fallen” and “Valentine”(Epilepsy used to be known as the falling sickness). 


St Valentine: The patron St of Epilepsy

Arguably the greatest debate surrounding St Valentine is not about who he was or why he is connected to epilepsy. It is about whether or not he is actually beneficial to people with epilepsy. Still today there is much about epilepsy that cannot be naturally explained. In such circumstances people will continue to seek alternative rationales to try and make sense of their condition in whatever way they can. If this brings people comfort and hope and helps them to cope with their condition, just as it did in ancient times, who is to say this is not beneficial?

So on Valentines day Team Jo has decided to turn all these red love hearts, to purple support hearts! support those with Epilepsy on this more commonly seen to be romantic day. Make those with Epilepsy feel loved.