Hospital Appointment

National Hospital Of Neurology & Neurosurgery

So today I went to the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery for the 2nd time. It was first planned that I would be staying here for a week this month however due to waiting lists and I’m sure many other aspects of admitting hundreds of patients in little beds my appointment has not come through yet – However I was given this day appointment as a follow up on medication and what is going to happen next regarding scans, and other tests that need to be done before many decisions are made – by them and me. 
The traffic wasn’t great on the way there. Around the Tower of London there were more cars than I see in Herne bay in one whole day. I’ve learnt that you have to be an aggressive driver in London – our lovely taxi driver who takes us and is such a laugh and thankfully an amazing driver also.
So with my sat nav on my iPhone we managed together to negotiate the streets of London and arrive at our destination. There was no parking so Neville dropped us off and drove around with my blue badge to find a spot. He was then going to get a coffee in Costa which is in the hospital itself. 
We got into the hospital I took my appointment letter to the main desk at basil Samuels department. The air was hot and humid – it was hard to breathe – There are so may people in one space. 
The reception consisted of two ladies who were petite and quiet – it didn’t seem like they were very confident in there work and as the que behind me grew out the door I wondered if we would get seen by our appointment time despite being 40 minutes early! Anyway yes we finally got seen – she shuffled some yellow opera and asked me to take a seat. After 15 minutes I was guided by another member of staff to another waiting room and there I sat. 
I was then approached my a medical researcher who was part of a research project to look into the genetics of Epilepsy and the different reactions of medication – say is there a genetic reason one medication works on one person but not another. I have already participated in one medical trial whilst I was here last time so he went to check if it was the same research trial or a different one. It was the same so he took some details and will apparently contact me about their research. That was good because It saved me having more blood taken. 
I waited for another 20 minutes and was then called in. The consultant asked if a student Dr could sit in. I agreed. 
Speaking to the consultant I remembered how nice he was. He asked how things were and all the normal questions that consultants ask. The result was that I need to go up on my medication quite a lot. It’s quite scary the amount I need to go up and he went through the many side effects that I may have – dizziness, nausea, hair loss, weight loss and all the other undesirable side effects! 
There is also a Change in that I’m no longer going to be staying in hospital at The National Hospital of Neurology & Neurosurgery – however I am going to be going to Chalfont St Peter instead. It’s in Buckinghamshire which I’m not keen on – A long way from me but they have more sophisticated scanners and testing for pre surgery. The whole treatment and testing with Epilepsy takes so long but I hope we will get there in the end.  So we are on the waiting list for Chalfont. 
I always get really scared when I’m sitting on the other side of the table being told how serious things are though. In between appointments I get calm and deal with things and then the consultant or both consultants in this case kind of make me scared and realise what life is and means and how surgery is a real reality. However you gotta keep swimming