Chestfield Rotary Club, Kent



Chestfield Rotary Club is in a leafy suburb of Whitstable in the Garden of England.

They are a comparatively young club which meets every Thursday morning, in the oldest Golf Club House in the World, for breakfast. They celebrated the clubs 10th birthday in 2014.


“We do not exactly fit the stereo type of the traditional Rotary Club. For a start we have a more or less equal split of male and female members, and we are a bit younger than the publics general impression of Rotary Club members, so meetings can be quite lively”,

said the clubs president Paul Hooke-Overy.


 Chestfield Rotary Club began sponsoring Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation in March 2015, with the main aim as having us as their Beneficiary of their annual charity golf day at chestfield golf club. The main sponsor in association with the Rotary club is GS Joiner & Sons Ltd who are a long established local builder. 

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