These are Videos that i’ve made to raise awareness of Epilepsy so that hopefully more people will know about the condition and have more understanding.

The Harsh Truth of Epilepsy

This video is about the harsh truth that is my life with epilepsy. I was asked to do another video by so many people. I didnt know where to start. I began with a song (not this one).

I then went away on holiday to see my best friend for a week, I had such an amazing time. During that time though my world changed that little bit more and epilepsy took a little bit more from me. I ended up in hospital and then when I came home i was again in hospital some more.
During this time I was told by drs that with the amount of seizures Im having and the amount of times im suffering from status epilepticus where I have repeated seizures without regaining consciousness and where my breathing changes and stops on occasions my future is not looking good. Who knows what may happen but one day my future may hold brain damage and death if this continues. Luckily so far Ive escaped with only slight weakness on my Left side and slight problems with my left eye during these times. Depressed, upset and at a turning part in my life I looked through some songs and found this one. (if i die young) It seemed to fit what i had just been told. Im not being depressive about all of this but it is the harsh truth. So many people think epilepsy is just a condition where you take a pill and no more seizures …. If only it were that easy for us all.Mothers and fathers have lost sons and daughters to epilepsy, Ive lost good friends. The truth is that epilepsy kills over 1000 people in the UK alone every year. More awareness needs to be raised and this is my wish and goal to do so. I love life and love my friends and family who help me when im struggling. Im still the happy bubbly person I normally am… I do have my down days but most of the time im still happy and enjoying life. This video is just to make you think a bit more about how precious life is… it is not to be taken for granted. I hope you like the video and it raises a few questions of your own.

My First Awareness Video

Here is the first video i did to raise awareness of epilepsy.

Tattoo of Hope

April 2013, I came out of Ministry of Ink with a wonderful tattoo which will always remind me and hopefully many others never to loose hope.. no matter how bad things get. The butterfly is a symbol of epilepsy awareness and the ribbon is the epilepsy ribbon. The sparkles represent me ! (cos you know i love my sparkles! and everything has to have sparkles!) Im really pleased and proud of my tattoo and it will always remind me to stay strong and never loose hope