Facing the stigmas of Epilepsy

Living & facing the stigmas of Epilepsy

facing stigmas

Facing Epilepsy stigmas head on is the best way to rise above the misinformation hovering around the condition, that I and many others have. It is like a dark stormy cloud above us. Beastly myths have been around for centuries about what epilepsy is and about people who live with the condition. Myths such as these can take such a toll on those living with this condition and their families too. Evil spirit, and that you should put something to bite on in the mouth of those having a seizure. That Epilepsy is contagious and many more which cause physical and mental hurt to those with the condition. This is why I’ve decided to tell, in this blog of some of these epilepsy stigmas to help the world gain a greater understanding of just how bazaar these stigmas truly are in reality. When someone experiences epilepsy stigma, it can make their whole situation feel a lot worse, make them feel useless, and hurt.

1) Some believe that Epilepsy is contagious! you cannot catch epilepsy from someone else.

2) Some people believe that Epilepsy is caused by demon possession or evil spirits! –  This is undoubtley the most frightening, most dangerous and most uneducated information about epilepsy and seizures. Unfortunately still in this day and age there are some that still believe this myth.

3) Some people believe that those having a seizure are in danger of swallowing their tongue. they are not. It is impossible to swallow your tongue…. go on try it! you can’t can you? Its a ingenious piece of equipment our body and that includes features put in place which stop us being able to swallow our tongue.

4) Some also believe that you should place something in the mouth of someone having a seizure – for example a wooden block or a spoon. Nothing should go into the mouth of a person having a seizure. Not only could this choke them but it could hurt their mouth and even break their teeth!

5) Some people believe that people with epilepsy cannot hold down a job. People with Epilepsy are employed in all kinds of positions in business, government, medicine and many other fields. Some cannot however as their seizures are extremely bad. This does not mean they don’t want to work, they and I crave to work. – be normal.

6) Some people believe only humans have epilepsy. Epilepsy can occur in animals and has been identified in many animals including cats and dogs!

I feel that when I open up and speak out about epilepsy, I’m helping educate the public, sharing about the journey. Myself and others are experiencing. I hope by doing what I am, on this journey, that I’m helping to shatter the stigma surrounding the condition which is still in existence today.

Please remember these points and next time you see someone who has the condition, don’t hurt them…. they are just like yourself but have a illness they cannot help. Make their day better…. bend down and be there for them when they come around. Even a hold of a hand or a gently smile can make all the difference.