A Letter To Myself

A Letter To Myself

Letter to myself

If I could write a letter to myself, for the very first days of my epilepsy returning, and waking up in intensive care I imagine I would have much to say. A traveler having come a long way now on this journey. Having lived and learned so much in almost seven years, and Im sure I have much more to live and learn along this journey.

If I could offer any such wisdom to my past self, what would I say? What have I learned? What have I come to realize? What have my eyes come to see?

I would imagine my letter might read something like this:

Dear Jo, 

You’ve just woken up in a scary place, your epilepsy has returned and you are in a scary place, in hospital with bright lights and confusion around you and this has without a doubt, flipped your whole world upside down. You have every right to feel angry, confused, sad, even scared. This is all normal. You’re human. Who wouldn’t feel this way? What’s important is that you make a decision right now that you’re not going to stay locked inside these feelings, You must not let it beat you. Do you know why? You have a very important job to do. You are not the only one fighting this fight. There is a team. All around the world. Just like you. Families. Couples. Children. Doctors. Nurses. Determined. Hopeful. Faithful. They stand with you too. Know in your heart, wear it like a necklace that one day a cure will be found. You may not know how or why this epilepsy has returned and happened to you but each and every day, wake up and gwalk about with a positive outgoing attitude. You’re alive. Thank God, you are still alive, you have been through a bad bad time and this could have ended your life. You must “just keep swimming” says Dory! Help others, enjoy life, and make a difference. Leave your handprints and footprints on this world. 

Sincerely Jo