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events, videos, campaigns and words have spread all over the world. Ive been contacted by people from all sides of the globe which i never thought possible. I never dreamed that my awareness campaign would get this big… But it has.

Here a few news bits and articles that have come from that.




Turning the clocktower purple for Purple Day.

The article which the Herne Bay gazette did for us about the clocktower being turned purple for purple day and Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation. 

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Launching Our Calendar Competition.

The article which the Herne Bay gazette did for us about our calendar competition. 
To join in with this competition please visit the events section – all details are there. 

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Brain Waves By The Sea

Article following our Brain Waves by the sea event which raised £160 





Campaigner wants Google Doodle to raise Epilepsy Awareness 

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This is the article that followed my campaign to get a google doodle for Epilepsy Awareness. 

We’re asking Google to create a google doodle for their homepage. It would raise awareness of the condition which still has so much stigma attatched because people dont know about it as much as other conditions. Millions of people use google every day and this would reach out to people much more than any Epilepsy charity could ever hope to do. 

We are asking google to have a Epilepsy google doodle on March 26th which is Purple Day and November 1st The first day of Epilepsy Awareness Month

For the millions of people worldwide who suffer from Epilepsy, it would show them they are not alone and that google is aware. 

To sign this petition please click the link HERE




Raise a Glass In Memory Of Big K  – With our sponsor Pig and Porter

This is when Pig and Porter and Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation started our journey. We had a lovely night raising a pint especially brewed for Kieron Drum or ‘big K’ as he was known to those that knew him. From hearing from the stories and memories from his friends that night – i could tell we would have got on well and that he was sadly missed. However his friends have not just sat and moped, they have done something to help, in the memory of their missed friend. – Here is the story…


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To go to pig and porters Website please click here.





Epilepsy Campaigner Launches Charity for the South East

LOGO FULLThis is when we launched the Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation.


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Epilepsy Campaigner Unveils New Website:

This article was when My Friend Rolf and I Launched the Epilepsy Rollercaoster website. It is a website dedicated to the personal side of my journey with epilepsy. You can view the website by clicking on this link.

and view the article by clicking on the picture. 


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Jo in the running to be ‘Epilepsy Champion’ 
923470_588631584547903_1834385754_nOne day I had this certificate come through my door telling me I was in the running for Epilepsy Champion!
A week later I had a phone call telling me i was in the newspaper.
Both were surprises !

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Thursday Thought (take 2!) (Make 2014 the year of niceness);                                                            

I was asked if I would write another Thursday thought. I was wondering what to write when I saw a conversation on Facebook and heard a few things which were going on which I didn’t like…. It was only the start of the year and people were arguing. So that inspired this piece of writing.

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VIDEO: Herne Bay musician Jo Mumford is on a mission;                   

News got about about my first video and this is the article arising from that.

1st news

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My Herne Bay;                                                                                                                      

Our town (Herne Bay, Kent) has a section in their paper where they interview people. I got asked to be part of it and answer some questions…. Here is the article.

magazine news

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Epilepsy Action Magazine (Epilepsy Today);                                                       

When Epilepsy Action (the charity I fundraise for) heard about my abseil they asked for a interview so they could write an article to put into their magazine !  so I can officially say I’ve been printed in a magazine 🙂 was a highlight which came at the right time. As you can see I was in bed…. September when id just come out of hospital and was still recovering.

1148132_499992873411775_2139087421_n 1081162_500003130077416_1066961303_n

From this article the Newspaper printed the following.

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Thursday Thought (Stop & Smell The Roses);                                                          

 I was asked if my blog entry “Stop and smell the roses” could be used as a Thursday thought which is a thing the Herne Bay Times does. Of course it was my honour !

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