Here at Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation we want to make a difference, not only in the South East of England but in the world of Epilepsy.

Our Current Campaigns Are:

Google Doodle for Epilepsy Awareness 



Google Doodle For Epilepsy Awareness: 


this one


Epilepsy affects more than 500,000 people in the UK. This means almost 1 in 100 people has the condition. Epilepsy usually begins during childhood, although it can start at any age. Epilepsy also affects over 65,000,000 people worldwide! and causes 1000 deaths in the UK alone

We’re asking Google to create a google doodle for their homepage. It would raise awareness of the condition which still has so much stigma attatched because people dont know about it as much as other conditions. Millions of people use google every day and this would reach out to people much more than any Epilepsy charity could ever hope to do. 

We are asking google to have a Epilepsy google doodle on March 26th which is Purple Day and November 1st The first day of Epilepsy Awareness Month

For the millions of people worldwide who suffer from Epilepsy, it would show them they are not alone and that google is aware. 

This petition is brought to you by Jo Mumford of (Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation, in the UK) 


If you would like to help us get a google doodle please click here…